HKJC GAR x ANPASSA "Golden Sixty" Enamel Automatic Limited Edition



42mm鍍玫瑰金鋼外殼,「金鎗六十」琺瑯工藝錶盤,自動機械機芯,皮錶帶。 * 入場人士須年滿18歲,切勿沉迷賭博 * 如欲取選購請聯絡馬場有禮-沙田專櫃查詢 42mm Rose-Gold IP case, "Golden Sixty" enamel crafted dial, automatic movement, and leather strap. Racecourse entrants and those who bet must be aged 18 all above. Don’t gamble your life away. * Please contact the Gift at Races Sha Tin counter

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